April 11th

by C Cattaway   Apr 16, 2017

A day to love, a day to smile,
that day was yours and hers,
Remembering the vows we made,
You'd pledged them to her first.

And life moves fast, but it had tested
How you really felt.
You broke the vow. You broke my heart.
You burnt the hand I'd dealt.

I tried to hold together
The man who was my best friend.
With many years to lie, and cheat,
Our time can to an end.

And what a date to decree that
Our divorce is Absolute.
Could anything have stung much more?
Why not put in the boot?

February 1st to April 11th.
Seven years apart.
For two years that we'd had our time.
You threw away our chance.

I loved you for a lifetime.
You took away my dreams.
You promised that you'd love me
But you ripped me with my screams.

And so, today, I look upon
my hand, my ring, my life,
And I know you destroyed me, that day
I became your wife.


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Latest Comments

  • 1 year ago

    by Ren

    Oh wow...this is extremely powerful and full of heartbreak and betrayal. Broken trust has to be one of the most painful feelings in existence...because not only does it break your heart and make you feel betrayed...but it takes away your sense of security and safety. I am so sorry this happened to you. There is nothing easy about divorce. But I do wish you much peace and healing. Remember to love and be kind to yourself...and your heart will heal, with time, and feel whole again.

    • 1 year ago

      by C Cattaway

      I originally wrote the poem for him, for his first wife, to put in to a card, & try giving her romance, & maybe fix their marriage.. but life went on, & we ended up together. But he cheated on me, as he had cheated on her. April 11th is significant because it was their original wedding date, & 19 years later, it was the date our divorce was decreed.
      Karma, hey? :-( x

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