The Fall from Spring to Winter

by Hope   May 1, 2017

I'll tell you, sister;
the fall from Spring to Winter;
'cause black ashes romance with wildflowers;
dancing to the heights of the tallest towers,
belief can only be lain under the dusk of the sun,
memoirs reach the dawn;
dancing in golden ashes,
dandelions prance in your path;
beckoning your feathered whispers,
you can only tell me one thing, sister,
but I can only dance into the night by your whispers;
taking the fall from Fall to Winter,
you caress's are in my path;
like the veins in your wrist weaving lightening cracks,
I breath in the lightening heat;
conforming to the beast inside of you;
demons under a shade of midnight blue,
diamond tears fall;
lightening up the sunrise, lighting up the night;
forever can only be recalled;
weaving the masochist in your wrist,
hold on; your blood can only persist;
persist your foreshadowed pain,
because ravens can only dance in your fantastic oblivion; fantastic obsidian;
dancing to the mystery below; silent sorrow,
the fall from Spring to Winter can only dance; one heartless romance;
a cosmic chance.


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