Big Thing, Small Package

by Tony   May 2, 2017

She smiles when you're watching,
But I know she hurts inside
Trying to deny the pain
Of the four walls where she resides.

She tries to forget the nightmares
She lived with in her youth
Every now and then
My girl sheds tears for her truth

This enigmatic beauty,
Delicate to the touch
How are you still standing
When you've had to bear so much

When I think of what you lived with
And what you still have to endure
My heart bleeds for the tears you shed
And I want to find a cure

How can so much strength
Fit in someone so small?
If you and your heart were proportionate
You'd be about ten feet tall

If there was a superpower
On which you should rely
It would be the ability to see yourself
But only through MY eyes


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