NaPoWriMo #12 2017 (For Larry's 70s song Contest)

by BlueJay   May 2, 2017

It can't rain forever,
there won't be clouds of grey
threatening all of your days
between now and the last breath
of dew-stained beauty you take -

but when you learn of
life long dreams shattering
against concrete floors
and family going separate ways
all I can ask will be,
"Have you ever seen the rain?"

And when that happens,
I won't mean it as in
you've lived in a cave or
that California beaches never
see skies less than cerulean -

but rather, as in, have you ever
seen the rain falling from the eyes
of your own blood and the clouds
that gather above their soul;
so again, I'll ask,

"Have you ever seen the rain, on a sunny day?"

For the 70's song contest hosted by Larry Chamberlin on the main boards.


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