NaPoWriMo #17 2017

by BlueJay   May 2, 2017

We only ever find ourselves
gravitating towards each other
around the holidays, even lame ones
that we never had any reason to celebrate -

except for some reason, you always
manage to forget my birthday. Not that
I really give a damn, I just think it's funny
you remember M.L.K day and boxing day
but never the day marking our star counting
or the little pink dress you loved me in -
do you even remember that anymore?

I guess it has been six or seven years...

Anyway, the point is, we only ever
find ourselves, gravitating towards
one another around the holidays -
and there's not enough time in
a single day for all the catching up.

But I think that's why you like it so much,
so we can't fall down the rabbit hole again.

Especially now that we're miles and states apart,
going totally different directions than planned,
and newer people than we were in third grade.

Either way, I hope you had a very happy Easter
and I know Zombie Jesus wishes you well
with more love and hope than I can muster.


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  • 11 months ago

    by Michael

    Great piece Bluejay :)

    A lot said in your poem