Comments : NaPoWriMo #1-10

  • 9 months ago

    by BlueJay

    So before I begin my comment(s) and yes they will be broken up in response to each day's poem, this was a really smart idea, and it was better than flooding your page with a bunch of single post crappy pieces like I did lol.

    ANYWAY, on to the comment:

    1) "I'm always reluctant to seek refuge in you" that's the line that really spoke to me in the piece. And I love how there was a real feeling of not only spring, but specifically April in this piece. Definitely a great way for you to start off NaPoWriMo!

    2) I cant tell if this one is about heartbreak of some kind or if it is simply hilighting the sad nature of a specific place. Either way I was captivated by this one, your imagery is always beautiful, but this one is by far one of the most vivid (which I never thought would be possible). To me this is also one of your most lonely pieces so far (again thats nearly impossible with you). And on a side note about this one, I remember coming across it either on your facebook or in a message from you, but I dont think in that moment I mentioned just how much this piece captivated me.

    3) You are the master of short but potent pieces and this s no exception. I love how honest it was even in its simplicity and how you left it up to interpretation on whether or not you were missing this person or if you were trying to move on from them, but either way the loneliness and wonder were extremely evident.

    4) At first I thought this would be another one of your super sweet pieces, but it was actually quite bitter and all I could think at the end was I'm sorry for whatever or whoever inspired this.

    5) This one reminds me of Broken by Lifehouse "The broken clock is a comfort" and in this case it really is. Even if you are not going back in time, you are still growing from the contrast and the forward motion of each passing second, hour or day. And even though it was a little bit on the cliche' side I still truly enjoyed this one.

    6) I feel like this piece is an older sibling feeling. Like you are looking out for all these people (readers of this) you may or may not even know and even if we don't know you we are comforted and motivated to continue trying. Trying to put the pieces back. Trying to move on. Trying to grow from this fall. And on behalf of all of the readers of this specific piece, thank you. You have no idea how helpful this is.

    7) This has a scifi element to it.Even if it is short. But I think what I like most about this is that you've taken a common thought and you've given it shape and form and it's own sort of home.

    8) whoa, this was a slap to the face. I can say no more. Other than stunning.

    9) Again with the reference to sprng, I think you are more so noting the day you wrote this than any specific feeling or event.

    10) Xanthe? That's the only thought I have after reading this other than we all have someone or something we feel this way about.