Comments : NaPoWriMo #11-20

  • 8 months ago

    by BlueJay

    Just like before:

    11) Wow, the kind of love or friendship or family you are describing here is the kind that I envy. Even though there are people in my life that I care about deeply, none of them have ever given me that sort of aha moment that this piece is both mean and beautiful. Lol. either way, great job. I love the way your emotions really carry this one, even if it lacks your usual imagery.

    12) I feel as though I've already given you a comment on this one, so Imma skip it here.

    13) To me this piece is talking about those of us artists who use whatever is being created to figure out what it is we are trying to say or feel or do, and I have to say I definitely fall into that category because when I write or draw my mind is not connected to whatever words or colors I am using. And I think that even in the confusion (I felt) while reading this piece, that it was inviting and well penned. Sorry if this was sidetracked, but yeah there.

    14) "we are panhandlers" then "we are poets" I never would have made a connection like that, but now that I've read it I am amazed at how true that is. And you really make a huge statement in this piece - again, at least to me.

    15) The first line - I knew this would be painful to read. And my god I was still not prepared. There are so many places this piece took my heart and my mind, none of which deserve space in this comment, but I think this piece alone has inspired my next like 20 lol.

    16) Other than "runs into you, a star" at the end I think this is incredible. Although I do believe runs should smply be run.

    17) I feel like this should be the premise of it's own movie. Like it is the perfect flash back scene that motivates a character through their entire journey of coming to terms with loving someone or something for what they are instead of what they look like or pretend to be.

    18) I want to see this on one of your lovely photographs. Enough said.

    19) The honesty seeping out from every word in this is so powerful that I reread it like ten times finding new meanings and perspectives to it.

    20) same as 15, painfully beautiful. You actually, literally, completely set off an internal meltdown and a 15 minute session of crying in the corner with my boyfriend's dog lol.