Revenge is it?

by Kereen   Jun 19, 2017

It burns doesn't it
Really turns doesn't it
How does it feel to be unloved
Restricted from breathing

Leaving my soul on the floor
Smiling like I'm still alive
Revenge is it?
Karma is playing games with my heart
Pay back for all those paper hearts

Now you'll have to walk away
Throw my pieces on the floor
Black and white the shades of my life
Revenge is it?
Now I'm no longer whole

Ashes fills the holes
No joy just sorrow
I hope there's no tomorrow

Revenge is it?
Now Karma Killed me whole

K. M.


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  • 1 year ago

    by Ben Pickard

    A pacey and breathless sort of a write.

    Well done on this,


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