Black Butterfly

by ddavidd   Jun 25, 2017

A black butterfly
sprinkled the dust of its flutter on my eyes
imparted to my vista :
every butterfly
is mourning for you.

A drop of ink connoted
so deep in my pen:
All the words in the world
are mourning for you.

A moment of silence
whispered to my ears:
every sound
every song
in the world
is mourning for you.

A drop of paint
a dropping dew
a falling petal,
an autumnal leaf,
floating under my window,
serenaded in my reverie:
All the colours in the world,
all the sprinkles
in springs of water colours,
all the coloured pencils
all the crayons
all the flower, all the fruits
all the gardens,
are mourning for you.

A night breeze, a tender breeze
susurrated in the ears of my soul:
All the distances
like turtles,
with their necks bridled in horizons,
are mourning for you.

A bead of musical note
in my throat,
on the staffs of instruments,
dressed all in black,
sighed through these cords:
All the lamenting violins
all the pianos, flapping in penumbras,
all the groaning guitars,
are mourning for you.

A drop of tear shone in my eyes:
All the bleak hearts,
all the broken ones,
all the weeping eyes,
all the ardent appetences,
are mourning for you.

You my morning, my eternal mourning,
you the endless silence
in my words,
my eternal free verse,
you the endless sky
eternal whiteness
of my canvas,
and endless iridescency of butterflies,
and now
the endless surge
of ink
in this pen!


It was at my father's funeral that I saw a black butterfly and said to my sister: " Even butterflies are mourning for dad." Then the rest came after.


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Latest Comments

  • 6 months ago

    by Meena Krish

    A touching write beautifully penned and the depth of sadness
    lingers in each line. There are signs and things that come along in
    a funeral and its at that time something triggers, it makes us wander
    it makes us write...take care

  • 7 months ago

    by Milly Hayward

    Frank I don't know how I missed this. What a heart breaking wonderful piece it brought tears to my eyes it is so powerful and deep and is breath taking in its beauty. I'm blown away by it

  • 7 months ago

    by Ren

    Woah! Like Mel Liz said, I was absolutely breathless while reading this, Frank! I've said it before, and I'll say it again- your word choice and descriptions are phenomenal and paint such vivid imagery and tell such amazing, profound stories! This is a very sad story, and I'm very sorry for your loss, yet is so beautifully and intricately written. I am covered in chills. Amazing write!!

  • 7 months ago

    by Sai

    When we lose someone, there comes a point where every and any thing would remind us of them. What stood out the most for me is how you utilised "flutter" in the first stanza instead of, say wings.

  • 7 months ago

    by mossgirl19

    Breathless as I read, this is breathtakingly beautiful and sad. Sadness creeps in quite slowly verse upon verse and leaves a great weight in the heart. Another favorite of mine.

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