by C Cattaway   Jul 4, 2017

I cannot quite make sense of all
This week has brought to us.
I rather feel as though I've been
Run over by a bus!
I heard the words you said to me,
But they still make no sense
Because I'm sure you've made a whole
New sequence of events.
I know that you were there as well,
So how could you not see
The same things in the same ways that
Were obvious to me?
For all those years, did you ever
Really get to know me?
Did you presume I'd be just like
Your assumption would be?
I loved the very bones of you.
Your words, but my intentions.
You heard me tell you time and again
With such rich inflections.
But still you wouldn't trust me,
And in time, so your belief
Became more negative again,
Then led to all our grief.
I cannot keep on telling you.
You've made your mind up now,
That this is how it was, and yet
You cannot show me how.
You can't take back those insults, and
The time has caused a rift
That even Hercules himself
Would be too weak to lift.
I loved you for a lifetime.
And I'll love you ever more,
But I do hope that you, in time
Will find a love that's sure.
You have to trust eventually.
You can't keep hiding you.
One day you'll learn to love yourself.
I hope that day comes soon.

xx xx


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  • 1 year ago

    by Ren

    A beautifully written and raw piece! Well done!

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