Searching, Not Replacing

by C Cattaway   Jul 4, 2017

Another night to sit, pondering.
Day dreaming where I cannot sleep.
Half smiling, yet tears roll from my eye
Towards a memory that I cannot keep.

Life brings me back around to thoughts
That were buried, not hidden.
I'm searching. Forever wanting a love
That for years felt forbidden.

She reached out, and I felt the warmth
Of her hand as if it had just been laid.
I close my eyes, to shake off the knowledge
That she is not here. Her smell doesn't fade.

Where eagles dare to fly, she took her wings
And she tore through a cloud.
How did all those years cruelly slip by?
Now I'm left wishing I'd been less proud.

When love banishes demons, but
The devil already teased and tainted,
How can history tell a story
If those words were only painted?

A story lasts a lifetime, yet a life is our story.
We share ourselves for such a short while.
But I sit now, searching. I'm not replacing
Something that has stolen my smile.

Set me in stone. My heart is cold already.
My legacy will last beyond their generations.
The words will never truly speak of my thunder.
My story was restricted by my limitations.

I sleep now, walking through a timeless mirror
Looking back only as I wander forward
to ensure I don't travel the same path.
Catch this tear. This memory isn't haunted.


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  • 1 year ago

    by Milly Hayward

    Beautiful imagery and sentiment very enjoyable x

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