Super Sonic Lady

by Glenn Gay   Aug 16, 2017

Another night sleepless
Another day begins
I pull out my computer
And begin to write again

I have a story,
A plot that needs expression
But my mind keeps
Drifting in a different direction

A young lady whose smile
Has made a big impression
That lifts the clouds
Of my day to day depression

I close my eyes to put my story in type
My fingers tap, tap, tap on the keys
But the story is not what they write
With my eyes closed it’s her smile I see

When I try to clear it from my head
My mind drifts in a another direction
Of the burnt memory of her hair of fiery red
In a bun of splendid perfection

I don’t really know her well enough to write
A lot of details about her are unknown
But she is a small part of my daily delight
For the few minutes, I get to leave home

I hope this young lady does not get upset
That she has inspired my little poem
If she does I will truly regret
That I did not keep it for my eyes alone


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  • 1 year ago

    by mossgirl19

    First of all, the title is fab and the poem is a delight to read. I love it's pace and its rhymed well. I enjoyed it completely.