How do I Love You?

by Glenn Gay   Aug 19, 2017

-- I love you for the way your eyes look at me as though they are reading my soul

-- I love you for the voice whose slightest whisper can wake me from the soundest of sleep

-- I love you for the smile that tells me I have done something pleasing to you

-- I love you for the lips that burn unforgettable memories into my life

-- I love you for the warm touch of your skin covering my sadness giving it time to heal

-- I love you for the way your presence consumes my attention so I can see no others

-- I love you for your shy feet making me want to gently caress them as though they might break

But most of all I love you for I know not how to not love you because you carry my heart around in your life allowing it to nourish your soul everywhere you go. What a lucky heart.


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