Left alone

by Wallflower friend   Aug 28, 2017

You're gone
the sun sets
the moon rises
the stars shine
the earth spins
and i cry
because I'm selfish
the birds sing
the wind blows
the rain falls
the seasons go
and i stand
beside a crumbling gravestone
trying to convince myself you're gone
and that this nightmare's here to stay
I guess I have to say goodbye
the grass withers
the flower fades
the buildings fall
the windows break
and i live
with guilt and pain now etched into my soul
I know that this could never be your goal
but it hurts
to breathe
the air you left behind
to see
the sights
I know you'd love to see
to taste
the foods
you said you loved the foods I'd bake
and now
I'm left
with you popping round the corner
to remind me you aren't coming back again
and climbing through the window
as I try to find some happiness with friends
and waiting in the photos
that we took when we would stay up way past ten
too late again
and you're there whispering the lyrics
to a song you made with your blue dolphin pen
So I'm alone
but still you're there
and all I'm left with is the memories we made


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Latest Comments

  • 2 weeks ago

    by C J T

    Beautifully written. Its never easy losing someone.. I'm sure alot of people will connect with this in some way, as did I. Excellent work! 5/5

  • 3 weeks ago

    by Beautiful Tragedy

    Oh my god...
    I'd like to tell you how perfect this poem is but I'm a little speechless..

  • 1 month ago

    by Mandy Earl

    Chills. So much loss here but so much love. Beautiful. I'm sorry for your loss <3

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