In the event of my demise

by Eu•phan•asia   Sep 11, 2017

In the event of my demise
(9/6/2017 @ 9:29 PM)

In any circumstance I die
Whether young or old
I accept it.
I'm at peace passing,
It's what I wanted.
This is hard to write,
I leave this for who cares.
the truth is my heart died,
Long ago.
The one way I'll be complete
Is to hold my unborn close to me.
Made the most of this life,
I accept death at any time.
Don't cry but smile,
I'm in a better place.
Celebrate my passing,
With no tears.
Everyday was hard for me,
Sorrow fueled my days.
I love all who cared for me
Time will come when we
Meet once again.

My soul is but eternal.


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