Hyperbolic Mirrors and Windows

by BlueJay   Sep 14, 2017

Do you remember when I told you about being young
and spending entire weekends - entire summers -
at the science center in my city? I'd spend hours
in the planetarium and then I'd run my fingers through
the discarded corpses of Gravity's fury
(dominoes that hadn't been stood up or fallen either).

Well, I don't know why, but today I wondered
how much I'd weigh on Jupiter and if Mercury still
waves to my "home" town every night through
cheap binoculars. But then, after a while I began
wondering if I ever really thanked all the friends I made
for the private star shows or the impromptu lessons
about sun spots and telescopes.

If you and I can keep orbit long enough,
I'll take you back there someday and together
we'll see if the magic's still there when life has
already coaxed us into growing up and learning
how to forget the importance of science -
instead of the value of math or English.

When I was young, I spent far too much time
in the science center making friends with
information and falling in love with the people
who took their time to teach me anything I
wanted to know about space or gravity or
anything else the world had to offer through
experimentation and far too much time spent
questioning before the day I came along
to wonder the very same thing.

And I don't believe I ever had the chance to
thank everyone who inspired me to
take my love of poetry and mix it with
all the nuggets of knowledge, beauty,
and truth that they armed me with

before I knew art and education
would become enemies on
the same side of a crooked ass war.

But I hope that if we can stay
in orbit together long enough,
that you and I can go back there,
to that science center in a town
I hated for far too many reasons
and that you and I can share

these works mused from
all that time I spent in
a building that became
more home than
my own house of twelve years,

and together we
will make that center
so f -ing proud

that even the walls
learn how to cry.


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