I love you

by beyouplur   Sep 22, 2017

I love you
I love the way you do you
The way you make me smile
Your love its like a medicine vile
All that i have needed in this prison trial

You just be you
do that magical thing you do
hypnotize me with your hazel eyes
Make my heart fly with every touch on my thighs
You Got me thinkin all you say is true
Thinking you love me like you say you do
Thinkin you just might need me too

Never knew i could be loved like my fantasies
And that was what i need
The light flew in with you
Took the darkness that i knew
Now all i see are pretty skies
And Adventures to find
You see you make my pain vaporize
Ive dreamt of a love like you

Never knew my wishes would come true
And send me a man like you
Ill never forget July's sweet gift
Gave me a relationship i couldnt resist
Showed me loving men do exsist

Im forever grateful for your sparkling soul
And wont ever forget
The love you brought back and made my heart full
Maybe ive always been learning what not to do
Preparing my love just for you
Because you know it boo, i locked this heart up
And gave the key to you
Now just do what you do
And ill keep on lovin you


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