Get your own business

by Seth Rowley   Sep 27, 2017

Why do i care about life?
Being dead wouldn't be so bad your just sleeping.
I don't listen to anything you say.
I listen to you sometimes.
I'm not a bad person.
I just need some friends and a real life.
I don't really wanna go to work tomorrow.
I never want to go to work but i want money so i can do things.
I think bosses already know that.
I wish i could make easy money.
I care about Bri but what can i do.
My hands are tied behind my back.
She's gotta learn the consequences.
There's a consequence to everything.
Don't believe me do something.
I'm not going to live my life just mediocre.
I want my life to be brilliant.
You always settle for what you want.
You think you can't do any better than what you're doing.
I've gotta stay speechless.
When i talk i get myself in trouble.
I'd only be in trouble if you were over here.
You over here playing with my stick.
I've got goals they might not be the same as yours for me.
Who cares what you think!
I care what you think.
I'm building new dreams because my old lives dreams are over.
I can't stand this world anymore we have gotten so prejudice.
Think about good news the bad news only hurts you by making you worry.
I should always get Saturdays off because I'm a seventh day Adventist.
I don't want to tear you down you mean so much to me.
We are all human beings unless we are aliens.
Let's treat each other right.
Don't do it trumps way.


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