My words i say.

by Seth Rowley   Sep 27, 2017

My words i say is an ebook you can purchase at just type in my words i say by Seth Rowley.
It's words what i think about.
Words i love to share!
Don't interrupt me when I'm talking to you.
Nothing i say makes sense.
At least i don't think it does.
You gotta be smarter than everybody.
Get into everyone's head.
Make them understand you.
Now i don't mean any physical harm.
Get your life on track.
Whatever you do do it well.
You should really help a friend in need out.
I'm not selling my soul for any amount of money.
I hope you get better.
I don't need to get better I'm already the best.
I'm already the best even when i mess up.
I'm the best because you believe in me.


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