by Seth Rowley   Sep 28, 2017

Your dream is not mine.
We don't share the same things in common.
I'm trying to get rich.
I wanna be greedy and ungrateful.
I want my blessings too.
God help people to watch my videos on YouTube.
I'm not gonna let you bring me down.
You can jump off a bridge.
I better think positive.
Don’t think negative don’t be a Negative Nancy.
Just because you don’t see me working doesn’t mean I’m not working.
Please help my mom find some money and get out of her overdraft and stay out of her over draft.
I shouldn’t have to beg for your permission
I like to stay out of the Limelight
I’m not even thinking about you.
I could care less what you think
I don’t care if you look at me crazy
We are all a little bit crazy


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