by Seth Rowley   Sep 28, 2017

I'm tired of cleaning up after you.
Pick up your own mess
I ain't your momma
Learn how to let things go
Take things like a man
I can't help you out anymore I'm not an enabler
You need to grow up and become an adult
Before it's too late
You don't want to go to jail.
So i have to calm my nerves
Be patient and things will come
I don't need you bragging in my face
I don't care how much money you have
I need to get another job besides the one i have now
Maybe this notary stuff will bring me in some extra money
Or people will buy my ebook it's only 5 bucks
I don't want to be rich i just want to be able to pay my bills and not have to deal with alot of people
You dont have to kiss ass
I wish to God you were over here now
It's not right having a woman i can't touch
I'm fixing to find another woman if you don't hurry
I can't wait forever for you
Maybe i should be a monk or something like that
I wish people would quit making fun of me
That's why they are always gonna be broke


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