Just my thoughts

by Seth Rowley   Sep 28, 2017

Why do birds crap so much
I'm tired of everything being an argument
We are never going to get along
No matter how hard you and I try
But who cares if we get along or not
You are not paying my bills
I'm not even paying all my bills
I need to though
I just need help
I'm not gifted like you
I wish I was as rich as Donald Trump
We all can't be rich
Some of us have to work for a living a little bit too hard
There are people out there really struggling though so I can't complain
I'm not really complaining I'm venting
I just need to let go and let God
I need to realize this world doesn't mean anything it's fake
People don't let the rich get richer
Use your head dummies
It's best to use common sense
I'm sorry for calling you that


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