One Day I'll know

by Alex Penuelas   Sep 30, 2017

My heart and mind are in pieces,
The space beside me has grown cold,
And I wish you could understand this
Story that's left untold.

But no matter how I put this,
That cannot change the fact that this
Is it.

Cause baby you have your plans all set out,
And you'll never be alone,
And you'll tear the letters that I've sent out
from the cores of my bones.

While mine are all over the place,
You're on earth, I'm roaming in space,
And while the memories we shared
Cannot be compared,
This loss has left me
Pretty unprepared.

But it's true, you see,
That this wasn't meant to be,
You're from Kansas, I'm from California,
And I should've told ya.

The songs we sang were out of tune,
You bathed in the sun, I cherished the moon,
And for this and many other things
You left me hoping for what tomorrow brings.

But hey babe it's okay,
Because I'll learn from this some day.

One day, I'll know,
What I've been looking for.

On that day, I'll know,
What my heart's been aching for.

Till that day, I'll know,
That I won't know what life will have in store.

But babe I'm sure
That in that future
I'll find a love that's
More enriching than yours.

And i hope you find yours as well.
Till then, I bid you a bittersweet farewell.


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  • 2 weeks ago

    by Alex Penuelas

    This poem has been inspired by this song that I love by Artist Vs. Poet:

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