I'm not unhappy

by Seth Rowley   Oct 1, 2017

I'm not unhappy.
I've just got alot of thoughts on my mind.
I need for you to grow up.
I need for me to grow up.
Let go and let God.
My life is not difficult i make it difficult.
My life is pretty easy.
Why are you worried and stressed out?
We need to communicate better.
What do you want me to be?
It seems like your always mad at me.
It's like I can't do anything right.
I'm not a mess up.
I'm just me don't get angry with me.
Your still my friend ain't you.
I'm not good at business.
I care about people what they think too much.
They are not paying my bills.
Why do you have enemies?
I don't have any enemies.
You are supposed to be my friend.
You can always get what you want.
No reason to be depressed and angry.
At least you woke up today thank God.
At least your free and your not in a jail cell.
You have to always do right especially here in Oklahoma people don't want you to have fun.
They want you to work your nose to the grindstone.
Alot of people don't care about your life.
Your supposed to always stay ready to work and be sober.
No one likes a drunk.
I don't even like drinking.
I'm tired of my mouth being sore.
God please help me.
Have a little faith.
Everything is going to be alright.
Stop thinking about money so much.
What are you gonna do when it's gone?


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