I don't do mind games

by Seth Rowley   Oct 1, 2017

I don't do mind games.
Tell me outright if you need me to give you some money.
When i get some money I'll give it to you.
Quit coming up with excuses.
Everybody is not my friend.
A lot of people don't care what you do.
I know my dad doesn't and my mom and Bob.
They care a little bit more than I will ever know.
I hope they never pass away.
I miss my friend Carrie Williams God rest your soul rest in peace.
I need to quit thinking about negative and fake shit.
That's why i hope and pray Adeline and i get together.
I don't want other people mad at me.
I'm not racist, take that back you can't take words back.
We live by rules there are rules you have to follow.
Its just a part of life.
You've gotta play their game.
All you really gotta do is believe in Jesus and you will be saved.
Believe in Jesus it's the right way.
You don't think as deep as me.
Watch how you talk to other people.
You can't talk to people anyway you want.
You have to be civilized.
You don't have to be a bad person.
You are beautiful unique.
You make me weak.
Everytime i look at you i just want to cry.
Hold your head steady while i start to die.
Diet i mean you can't excuse it up.
Be real always.
Love every minute of your life.
I thank God for all of my friends and family.
I'm not dying.
I'm living with regret.
You don't understand my feelings.
I can't give up people depend on me.
I'm not alone in this life.
There are people out there to help you.
I've gotta a whole lot of people care about me.
I can't help you out i can't enable you.
You've gotta learn this on your own.
Why do i have such a bad attitude?


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