Will The Moon See?

by C Cattaway   Oct 2, 2017

I look up at the darkness in the sky.
I wonder why
It is that you can't let me breathe.
Did I ask you to die?
I couldn't do the things you wanted. Or live
Any way
You seemed to think I should. But here
I suffer every day.
You took the meaning from my life. You never
Wanted me.
You made sure I knew how much I was
The life you had. And yet from beyond which ever grave you're at,
You still drive bridges, mountains, rivers
So I'll still fail at that.
I'm sinking. Always waving for someone to
Pull me clear.
I'm drowning anyway, because
Nobody sees me here.
I'm never in the frontal view. I'm somewhere
Just behind.
Never the first or second choice,
Not anybody's kind.
You wanted me to know my place. I worked, but
All for what?
You made sure I still ripped my heart
And lost all that I'd got.
What is it that I did to you. Why did you
Hate me so?
Did I remind you of the things you
Threw away. So go
On. Take my fast held dignity. My pride didn't
Wait to fall.
You gave me life. It's only right
That you should take it all.
If I cry with my head sunk deep in to my
Pillow, free
From all the air & oxygen,
Then what will the moon see?
Will it be clear I tried my best? But how could
I fight you?
You took it all. You left me small
And weak. I lost you too.

Copyright C Cattaway 2017


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