People always want money.

by Seth Rowley   Oct 3, 2017

People always want money.
They don't see the goodness in people.
Why do people hate on other people?
Are other people hurting like me?
Some people are hurting worst.
I feel bad for all those people at the Jason Aldean concert.
Is there any good left in this world?
People have reasons for everything.
Other wise known as excuses.
I'm praying for a miracle of financial freedom to come into my life.
I can't be living paycheck by paycheck.
Be content with your life.
Don't expect money accept blessings.
Where's your sense of humor?
Everybody wants to be depressed.
Cheer up it's not that bad.
If you need some help get some help.
Don't pull my chain for nothing.
I don't like false promises.
Why do i do them?
I don't know why.
I don't get excited anymore.
My plans never follow through.


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