A Powerful Spellbound

by Sherry Caayupan   Oct 3, 2017

Over the horizon paints the burning sun yellow,
Where flowers bloom in silver strings,
His dazzling eyes make patterns of white and gold,
The mimicry of it makes bare-naked love spring;

Mere trapezes pivot in my night sleep,
Where the flaming moon burns forth,
Swinging into the vast ocean so deep,
I swam into the waves of the open door;

I could fly high as a pelican,
Feathered wings I need not to linger,
The magic of this sweet pitfall stands,
In this heart's sweeter than november;

Fairy-dusted pixies come with my neverending flight,
They touch him and I, I feel no hate,
Love comes together in so ever tight,
In this crimson heart will it forever stay;

I behold the whimsical apparition,
Apart from me and my love's endless flying,
Its unscarred face seems not an oblivion,
No man or unearthly being tried to do the smight;

His magic spell brought us akin,
The offspring of where love stood witness,
The sundial paid no attention and took a spin,
We are but humans who so ever need exuberant bliss;

He casted brown over hills and mountains,
An extravagance of no woes but laughter,
Man's deeds made breach of stains,
In love's more than a love of a brother's;

My love and I held hands, palm to palm,
Our audience bear love's wooes,
Before God and a crowd of psalms,
True love, here and now, truly bestows...


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Latest Comments

  • 11 months ago

    by Robin Carretti

    So mystical right up my flight of waves of such delight hills this was refreshing thanks

    • 11 months ago

      by Sherry Caayupan

      Thanx! I think this is one of my best poems to date... ;)