The Cabin

by Tony   Oct 5, 2017

There is a wood dank and creeping
Through its canopy no light reaches
Within its depths there's something reaping
In a cabin where no good breaches
Above it a yawning blackened portal
An inky starless foreboding sky
To trap the souls of helpless mortals
After they succumb and die

Withered roses with bloody thorns
Take root amongst the recent dead
Planted by a creature with horns
Ensuring that its gardens fed
It stalks the grounds cloaked from sight
Playfully planning something foul
It takes preternatural delight
In tortured screams of the disemboweled

Here is where I find my end
Mere moments from eternal unrest
Danger lurking 'round every bend
Heart pounding deep within my chest
My breath comes short, I have to gasp
My arm goes numb, metallic taste
All goes dark with an angry rasp...
"Heart attack? What a waste..."


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