I Choose My Friends

by C Cattaway   Oct 15, 2017

So many thoughts buzzing round in my head.
So many feelings from what you have said.
So much to question, but you cannot answer.
So many hours; the days flying past us.

How can I know what you will not tell me?
How can I see what is not there to see?
How will I know if it was me, or simply
That you hasn't meant to let me fall so deeply?

What will the future bring if we stay friends?
Now I feel closer, so is that a lens
That has brought us closer. An insight more clear
That we can now share more, with a friendship dear?

Can we be companions, without all the touching?
You've talked, and you've shared, so I know you're more trusting,
But it was affection that you struggled with.
If we remove that, are you willing to give

The time & the effort that a friendship brings?
Didn't you know you got under my skin?
We could have carried on but you changed pace.
I couldn't help that I fell on my face.

If things had carried on just as they were,
We would have carried on. This, but a blur
Can be put behind us, but only if you
Are happy to carry the friendship on through?

I think we can make it. We've been friends for years.
Whether I love you is nothing to fear,
Because I love all of my closest, best friends.
The emotion that warms me will always extend

To those I care deepest about. Not just You,
But each one that I trust. Just a select few.
And you are most welcome to be one of those
Who are special to me. You're the friends that I chose.

Copyright C Cattaway 2017


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