Every Part Of Me

by C Cattaway   Oct 18, 2017

Every little part of me
Is wrapped up in a thought.
Shaking, whilst I think of you
And how hard I have fought.

Given you my love; my care,
Although you didn't ask.
It doesn't mean that I could help
But love you from afar.

I wouldn't if I didn't have to,
But I can't distill
The feelings that I have for you.
I doubt I ever will.

It's been a life time long, that I
Have wanted to tell you
That I am here for always,
If you even want me to.

Unrequited love is painful,
But I cannot help
That loving you is what I do.
How could I ever tell?

I wished so hard that you'd see me
As someone you could need.
To love, & care that way that I
Have found in books I read.

The Princess and The Pea. I always
Felt I understood
The feelings of utter despair
When she felt what she should.

Her chance at life where she belonged,
When she had never known
That she was meant for better things
Than what she'd had at home.

And I held out my hand to her.
I understood her plight.
But you're the Prince from my story,
And you've put out my light.

I can't move on from what we never
Had. I can't see clear
To know if I've got anything
To give anyone dear.

Why can't you see what I will do?
Companionship, at best?
I'm happy to do anything
If you'll let my heart rest

Within your smile. Within your arms
Is where I ache to be.
Why can't you just try sharing you
With every part of me?

Copyright C Cattaway 2017


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