Virtual Reality Confession Session

by BlueJay   Oct 23, 2017

Whenever people ask me about high school
I refer to you as my therapist
because together we talked poetically
and endlessly for two full years.

Neither of us held back our secrets,
but we refused to let the world
listen in on our conversations -

(even the walls were enemies)

afraid they'd call our bluff
or poison our names as the waltzed
across the tongues we'd never actually taste

because dreams of a future together
were sweeter than any moment side by side
could ever possibly be and we knew it;
so we shared life and love, but never


When people ask how therapy went
I tell them you saved my life
and killed me all in one swift motion.
But I am better off because of you.



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  • 6 months ago

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    I really relate to this. A different kind of relationship is possible now in the virtual world that can have the same impact as relationships in 'reality'. A great write :-)

    *typo: as the (they) waltzed

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