I Miss My Dad and Mom

by Glenn Gay   Oct 27, 2017

I miss my dad. He was taken from us in 1994. As a young boy my, dad, mom, brother and myself would sit down almost every night and watch TV together, Gunsmoke, All in The Family, The Jeffersons, Columbo and so many other shows. We talked and enjoyed each others company.

I miss my mom.
Some days I remember how much joy my mom brought me after she moved in with us.
That Joy is quickly soured by wondering why it took me ten years after my dad died to ask her.
My family had two wonderful years with her.
I would come home from work and she would watch a few silly shows with me, then I would watch Wheel of Fortune and Emeril live with her (neither of us liked the others shows but that's love).
Some days she would cook those meals my taste buds remembered and no one could duplicate.
My mom was special, growing up she didn't just cook, work and clean house she played pool and basketball and other things with my brother and myself.

When your parents are with you, you don't think about them leaving and when they're gone you wish you could have them back.

I am 58 and my wife is 54, we have 5 boys between us and 8 grandchildren. We probably don't see any of them more then twice a year, and they live close.

The family unit has been killed by PlayStations, football, baseball, reality TV, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so many other things.

Sometimes I wonder if they didn't announce our deaths in the obituaries how long it would take our kids to realize we're gone. It seems as though the elderly are becoming more and more of a burden to society. I guess I can live with that but I wonder is the younger society prepared and ok with being just a vague memory one day as well?


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