Try Trust

by C Cattaway   Nov 10, 2017

The times you told me how you felt.
I really understood
That you felt I was worth your love,
And give your love, you would.

I felt it, for the first time,
How being loved really felt.
Not money, nor material things
Could've ever clearer spelt.

But I was just too damaged, and
I took that feeling close
To be something it wasn't, though
That left you quite morose.

I'm sorry, if I broke your heart,
But you were hard work too.
I really loved you like I'd always
Loved you. That was true,

But you were like a brother, so
That when the chips were down,
I craved your kindness and your care,
And needed you around.

I know that I mistook my love
For something that had lust,
But we both knew that we were wrong,
Although we gave our trust.

My darling, I still love and care
For you, just like I did,
But you have moved on anyway,
And we're not little kids.

If you are really honest, that
Your new relationship
Is not the same mistake I made,
Then I have one huge tip,

Give her the thing you struggled with.
Be brave. She loves you. Let
Her see the man you truly are.
She'll love you still, I bet.

I know that you have got this chance
You never thought you'd have.
Remember how it hurt me so?
Don't let this one go bad.

And if she doesn't like it, well
She's not the girl for you.
But how will you be sure, if not
To trust her with it too?

Good luck. Be happy. Always try
To be the best you can.
Give her the chance to love you.
Let her know that you're her man

Copyright C Cattaway 2017


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