All I Can Give

by C Cattaway   Nov 11, 2017

The crease of your brow.
The blue of your eyes.
The sun in your smile
That brightens the skies.

The firm of your hand,
And the touch of your skin.
The warmth of your presence,
And of your heart, within.

The length of your kiss.
The smell of your body.
The way that I feel
When you see me, has got me.

The lust that I feel,
When I see your sweet face,
Or the closeness that makes me strong,
In your embrace.

The way my heart flutters
When I sense you near.
The way that you listen,
Yet, I know you hear.

These things are the ways
That I know you see me.
I don't know what happens,
But what will be will be.

I thank you for being.
For letting me live.
And in return, you can have
All I can give.


Copyright C Cattaway 2017


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