I am your winter.

by Purvi Gadia   Nov 27, 2017

I am your September.

I bring you the end of light
with the beginning of a dark night;
your last sight
of the beauties that lie in front of your eyes.

I am your October.

I am the chill you start to feel
now that your sun has gone down.
I know I have been the bridge between your two worlds -
your heaven and your hell reside in me
and I shall no longer be your path to any.

I am your November.

I am the cold you are touching now -
the angel you see beside you
but the demon you clutch behind you.
You're not schizophrenic,
you're not hallucinating,
you're in a distant dream which you've since wished for your reality.
I have faith you'll wake up one day.

I am,
your December.

I am the darkness you embrace;
the paranoia in which you suffocate.
You're a disgrace,
you're a shame,
you're the retribution for my pain.

21 November 2017


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  • 4 months ago

    by Em


    • 4 months ago

      by Purvi Gadia

      you liked it so much?

      I'm honestly quite overwhelmed by people liking this poem, hadn't imagined that even one person would have read it. :)

  • 4 months ago

    by Michael


    An extraordinary piece, with so much imagery all the way through. Your emotions expressed so vividly.
    A great piece and receives my nomination
    Well done
    Michael :)

  • 4 months ago

    by Ren

    Such an excellent write! and so vivid! Like Mel said, your poetry is very much awake. Amazing job! I really really love this!

  • 4 months ago

    by mossgirl19

    Purvi, even though you can't sleep your poetry is very much awake. A soul baring piece. Wow.

    • 4 months ago

      by Purvi Gadia

      Mel, you forgot to check the date below. I wrote this long back. haha.
      thank you very much

    • 4 months ago

      by mossgirl19

      Haha...oh my. I really thought you wrote it while you were thinking of statistics. ;-)

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