Time: Past And Present

by C Cattaway   Dec 4, 2017

Time is so slow,
Yet flies by so fast.
The moment is now,
Yet is there, in the past.
I wanted. I waited.
We came & we went.
The days of my youth
Seem so poorly misspent.

In days yet to come,
When history dictates
That I would be lost
With my heart yet to break,
I'll think of the memory,
Hoping that we
Can find us together,
And then we can see

If all those missed chances
Were timing well placed.
Or if they were challenges
We'd yet to face.
Come, take my hand
As we listen and learn.
If this is right, now,
Then I'm taking my turn.

Good days, and good night's
Come and go, as they've gone.
I'm thankful that time
Taught me well, all along.

Copyright C Cattaway 2017


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