Comments : Death is My Name

  • 1 month ago

    by Brenda

    Frank, an interesting write. I've re-read it a number of times and still have questions. Is it our impending death that we all face that has you seeing it in every thing you do? I know as I age I see that I am no longer going to live forever like I did when I was young. I'm no longer invincible. I could be way off on my thoughts-

  • 1 month ago

    by Dagmar Wilson

    Death is part of life and as I get older I have to face it
    It is not something I like to think or talk about it because it is final. There is no coming back. While we are still amongst the living we should do right by us and others. That is how I understand your write. All the best

  • 1 month ago

    by ddavidd

    It is some kind of vision taken from different part of the world. Some celebrate death because it is the symbol of new beginning. Some say the first step in our lives is the first step towards death. So then death and life are inseparable. They are dancing together all the time. Every few month all our cells ,are renewed. Meaning physiologically we are not the same entity that we were back then. We only carry on our identities. Ancient spiritual seers said that the death is a hole one foot away from our left shoulder, in our aura that in the time of end it opens and the force of life, our spirit, would exit through that widen hole. Native Indian say the death is the best adviser. Only people in advance state of meditation understand what it mean to use death as your life's adviser.

  • 1 month ago

    by Milly Hayward

    Death is a subject that means different things to different people. Some people think of it constantly as a welcome end others live their lives around rules created to aid them to an after life. Others don't think about it because they don't imagine they'll need to until they are old. There are beliefs of reincarnation and of heaven and hell. Even that there is nothing after death. A thought provoking piece that will mean different things depending on the readers understanding of death.

  • 1 month ago

    by Black hole

    Yes, it is true, they are inseparable.
    I am too young to explain it, but it's like life and death they both are the truth.

    The only difference between the two is that life is the sound of joy and happiness, whereas death is the sound of sadness and grief.
    It's like life always gives us something and death takes it away.
    Life is a gift and death is a theft.
    When life always sounds pleasant to our ears, death it sounds harsh, cruel.
    So it is not easy for all of us to accept this fact that just like life, death is a natural phenomenon too.

    Suppose, someone age is 20 years and he get some disease and doctors say we won't be able to save him, it will sound harsh to his parents and he died within next months. His parents will never be able to recover from that loss. In his parents heart they will always have this grief that their son didn't get the chance to live his life or left them early.

    Second case, in this patient is 20 years old and same condition but doctors somehow managed to save him. After that he lives for another 70 years and at the age of 90 he died. Two things happen in this case. First, his parents will feel happy the moment they hear that their son will be saved. Second, after his death, of course there will be grief, but it won't last long.

    Now here is this third thing. In this case, the patient has the same disease, doctors say the same thing about him too. The only difference is patient is 90 years old. So, he will die in next three months too, and yes his kiths and kins will grieve but in their heart they have this satisfaction too that the person who has died lived life to his full potential. Because in our heart we know that there is nothing to live longer than this.

    Now there are few other things which I have read from the scriptures I found in my grand father library.

    They were among us in some era- the enlighted. Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and many others. They weren't afraid of death because they were enlighted, already one with the creator and being one with the creator means you can see or feel the same as creator. So they were never afraid of death. For them, death is as satisfactory as life. Even at the time of crucifixion Jesus were blessing everyone until their last breath. The son of God knew about the heaven and all that stuff written in all those holy scriptures.

    Then there are the chosen ones living among us. No matter how much things go bad in their life, they just keep on doing good for others. They do not afraid of death too. They accepted it as the truth too. God has chosen them to bring harmony in this world. They are chosen to do their work here and to return home. The true home - call it heaven or whatever as I don't know it exists because no one comes back and say that there is some place called heaven or hell.

    I am student of science, and I believe in facts. But, as long as death is not in our hands, It make me believe in some higher power too. We cal him God, or there is some power controlling us and that We pray to him mostly in bad times.

    I read this one too that death is just another gateway to where we truly belong.

    So, all this scripture stuff, no clue it's true or not. But as life is truth, death is too and we must accept it at least for now unless science solves its mystery and shows us what really happens when we die. Like, where we go etc..


    David, about the content of the poem, I will comment later.

    • 1 month ago

      by ddavidd

      you have some very solid points there Naaz. I am kind of amazed. You are quite a philosopher yourself. Not even from The content of what you said, because of how you assembled the content. ( from the platonic form of what you said)

  • 1 month ago

    by Black hole

    David, I really have no idea how you always do it. Especially, those poems where you pick up a subject, and weave a poem around it with details so precise.

    I read how blue I am, love is to remember, prisoners of circle, and now this one about death.
    Your poems are not just poems,they look real, as you really work on them for the details. Like gathering information about that subject and what that subject means to different people, different religions, their reactions to that particular subject and how to present it in various ways making each stanza a way different from each other for your readers.

    The one thing that is likable, lovable about your poems is the flow. Whether it's a three lines senyru, haiku or a 4-5 stanzas of a free verse. They flow like an endless river- it doesn't matter how many times one could read it, they always look so refreshing.

    This poem is all about spreading the word that 'death'. How harsh it may sound to our fellow poets but it's everywhere. We have no control over it. When one is going to die or how, it's unpredictable. The time, the date, the moment, everything. I believe it's the only thing from which we can't hide ourselves.

    It's something which goes on and on continuously and it is not only holding our life, but the entire universe.
    Everything we see today is going to end someday. The stars, moon, sun, galaxies, even the universe itself. Everything is going to end. Everything has a life tied up to its fate called death.

    I mentioned about the details because I have seen some images of death holding chisel in its hands.
    Language is completely metaphorical. The thing about metaphors is that it sounds different to different people depending upon their knowledge regarding the subject.
    I feel too young to decipher these metaphors. Besides that, how can a student judge its teacher?

    David, sometimes I feel jealous of you. I wish for one day we could exchange our minds. So that I could see all those creations inside your mind. I bet you have an entire universe of poems inside that mind of yours - Billions of words revolving to form billions of poems.

    David, with your words you have made death alive to us.