Religion of Love (As Requested)

by Ben   Dec 11, 2017

It is the religion of Love
that holds my spirit to that
of an inch of bliss, with the
promise of an everlasting contentment,
regardless of the fire and brimstone
life may wrought
amongst a world of hearts,
a world of searching,
lost souls all travelling at
different speeds from
all corners of a misguided, maladjusted
and ultimately lonely world.

It is the religion of Love
which does not discriminate,
does not bow to a book of false gods,
but looks intrinsically and internally
for answers to a wordless question,
felt rather than asked,
effortlessly rising as a
Sun of a new day and
as magical and wondrous
as the stars at night.

It is the religion of Love
that binds my hand with yours,
like roots to earth,
listen to the rhythm
of my heart, its ballad is
unrestricted and plays for you alone.
Honest and unashamed to kiss the fractures
you see as unsightly......

They are the beauty of your uniqueness.

It is the religion of Love.


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  • 7 months ago

    by mossgirl19

    Ben, wow, this is truly a beautiful poem! You have so poetically, in language and tone, expressed a great insight about the power of love. As you said, love is all encompassing even when it comes to religion. To me, the ultimate measure of religion is love.

    Added to faves and nominated too. :-)