Guilt Sits Beside Me (Old Write)

by Ben   Dec 19, 2017

I wonder how long I've
been looking out of this window,
days could have passed and
I don't think I'd care,
it's funny how a life
can be motivated
- or not -
dependant on the mood.....

Take me for example,
there is a love out there that
truly loves me,
what a gift to give another;

Your heart......

I mean people don't even
like to give a car parking
space up let alone a heart,
what a commitment that is,
yet I sit here pondering life's
tribulations avoiding the
truth of my own heart....

That although in my hands hers is held,
she does not hold mine.....
don't get me wrong here reader,
my heart is not betrothed to another,
there is no skeleton in the closet,
it just doesn't belong to her.

She's pretty and kind and
all the things you'd think
a heart would fall for.

Guilt sits beside me on a park bench,
she is an angel, But she's just not the one.


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