The Bloodthirst

by ddavidd   Dec 28, 2017

The goddess of truth is blood thirsty,
she satiates from sacrificing blood,
your blood,
the fuel
of your life's torch.

Like moths offering their carcasses to the nymphs of fire,
like an amorous verse: its warblers, to the silence,
like a dancer: all her moves to the stillness,
like Aristotle :his carrion of reason to the final cause,
like El Che: his blood to a shared dream,

like the carves of sculptors aviation
in soiled objects
to the curvatures, sculptures are dreams of,

like painters’ bloods
to the depth of colours
in their paints,

like poets
like the sap of their bones, the ink of their youth
to the blank verses of
their white blooms.


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Latest Comments

  • 2 weeks ago

    by Dagmar Wilson

    I have to agree what happens when you wake up. All the best

    • 2 weeks ago

      by ddavidd

      Thank you dear Dagmar

  • 2 weeks ago

    by Black hole

    Hi ddavid, it's me once again.
    If this is what you are writing during the dream, what will happen when you wake up?

    First thing one could easily notice about this poem is the flow, as always, flows like the river that's the reason your words, your poetry it is always so refreshing. It's not stale because it is not still. It is flowing, and take the admirers of your poems along with it to the valley of your imagination.

    Second, your poems are not just poems, they are the philosophies, the analogies, and to youth like me the liquid which circulates in our blood as an inspiration. They always sound so real because they constantly change notes while singing the truth. Truth of your sheer talent which one could only gather after an experience of a lifetime or in your words after burning too much fuel of the life's torch.

    The analogies you gave in second stanza took this poem to another level.
    Since this poem is about truth and as you mentioned you don't like flattery I have two questions in my mind regarding this poem.

    First in this line '
    like the carves of sculptors aviation:
    in soiled objects'

    was colon needed?

    Second in this line' its warblers, to the silence ' was comma needed after warblers?

    That's it.

    There are other poets too in this site, they win every other week I don't want to name them, and they are talented without a doubt but as a reader I find myself more connected to your poems than any other.
    No matter how many times I read your poems they still look fresh.

    I know, you can call this flattery or anything you want to, but if someone creates a whole new world of imagination by going beyond the limits of the poetry, I guess this much flattery should be allowed.

    If you keep on crossing the borders like this, exploring the shores of the poetry time and time again, I believe there will be no more verses left blank and the book of poetry will never stop blooming with poems, and always carry the colors of the blood of an artist call ddavid.

    • 2 weeks ago

      by ddavidd

      Haha Naaz you short "D" my name ddavidd all the times.
      Thanks I already implemented those suggestions. First was necessary and the second was uptional and because I am tiered of myself I went with yours.
      I like the compliments and thankful of them, but I know we could do better without them. I am though so happy that you feel this ways about my works. That shows how similar we are. Maybe you are also a swan that are at ease like this, with the frequency of the Ugly Duckling whoops.
      Beside the flatteries there are some signs of great sensitivity and comprehension in your comment. I really appreciate those angles of you.

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