Alone, And Lonely

by C Cattaway   Dec 28, 2017

I don't ask for much, in life.
A home to call my own.
I worked so hard, for nothing,
Just for someone to cheat my loan.

The only other thing I'd like,
Is someone just to share
The evenings in, or dinners out,
And let me know they care.

I've lived a life with many paths,
Which I've always walked straight,
Yet twists and turns still weaken me,
And change my road of fate.

Yet all I've ever needed is
Someone to hold me tight,
And tell me that he's there for me,
To help me with my fight.

Yet, every time I meet someone,
I throw myself all in.
What is the point of half heartedly
Giving me to him?

And every time, they always find
Some better life to lead
That never includes me, or us,
My children have to see

The failure of their mothers choices.
How is it so wrong
To love someone who gives me hope?
Where have all my dreams gone?

Someone to hold me through the night.
Someone to laugh, and chat.
Someone to share the closeness.
What exactly's wrong with that?

Why can't I just have one good one?
What is so wrong with me?
Why do I have to walk this earth
Alone, and so lonely?

Copyright C Cattaway 2017


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  • 11 months ago

    by Milly Hayward

    Finding the right person is not always easy but when you find them it will be worth it. Something I heard a long time ago was "you have to kiss a few frogs before you find Prince Charming so don't settle for second best A poem that will resonate with anyone who has experience of bad partners. Take care and hope 2018 brings you the man of your dreams x

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