In Beacon Island Estate

by Sive Klaas   Jan 1, 2018

Its no king alive that was born.
In exception of all kings,a bigwig was amongst of kings.
Today, a celebration,a remembrance of a star is born.
Its the first jargon in twenty of the eighteenth kings.
In Beacon Island Estate,where i stand, i paint these words.

Its a happy,happy born, and a new years day to a king.
In Beacon Island Estate,its no crowds in my painting,its words.
They run through my veins;its no ordinary words,but words of a

I look around and see no poets,its dancers,in dances,yet i find
no meanings.
Then; its like a meditation - its empty in here,all i see a ball,
but a crowd in my ears.
I take my mind to the real world,today,a king is born.

I was born to paint the true images of this world in particular,
and words of inspiration to those in acquaintance.
from the young age to an infinite age; i crawl.
Its patience that i make the master, if not,
I am out.


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