When it Pours

by ddavidd   Jan 2, 2018

how inflated I am:
an alpha man
aired in his pride,
the scarecrow of the barren fields.

I am a rock, a mountain
still minuscule
in compare with a sand in an hourglass,
the sip
that you’ve partaken
from the spring of motion.

I am a loop
in the conscience of time,
the eternal thirst,
a manhole, a chimney of desire
for you,
the desire of a desert
in every twirling thorn
every dehydrated sand
for a drop
of your rain.


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  • 2 weeks ago

    by Meena Krish

    hmmmm...interesting..your writes are getting deeper and deeper
    and I feel its related to the situation, circumstance and current issues
    which is affecting/affected your life. There is a underlying yearning
    in your words, like a want that needs to be satisfied....