Ocean blue eyes

by Jessy Rojnik   Jan 3, 2018

Never in my life i had so much love in my life,
Together we can make a brand new start.
Feeling like I live in a beautiful warm dream that never ends,
Baby my dreams are nothing compared to what we have in real.
In your arms I'm finally home.

In your ocean blue eyes, I can get lost, I want to stay there forever in the future that I see.
Because when you look at me, I feel a deep magic deep love that gives me peace and warmth.
If you only knew how beautiful you are, from inside and out.

I want to thank the angel who gave you life.

Never fear, my love, I would do anything for you,
You will never stand alone, give me your hand and I will never let it go.
Let us walk over the illuminating path that you gave me.
I can hardly contain what we already built together, I see it growing every day.
For you I would pick the stars from above, I want to make you feel the love like the heat of the sun.

I will love you till the end of time.
Forever & Beyond.



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