Thoughts at night

by Jessy Rojnik   Jan 3, 2018

My thoughts go deep especially in the night.
Late night when the silence becomes real, I overthink every single thing into one big mass that will hunt me till the morning light.
Dreaming of what i want, my hearts screams for what i need. My mind is a battlefield that make me fear about everything.
If i catch the dreams i dream i will end up on the other side.
If i could see into the future i would do anything to be there were I want to be.
I would do everything to end up in my dreams and never break the bubble.
I only wish that one day the effort and the dreams are enough to connect with it and to live in it..
And till that day i will try to close my eyes, sleep through the night and imagine the day i would wake up and everything will be fine and fall into place, for once and for all...Next to you..



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