Where did you go?

by Professor Leskinen   Jan 3, 2018

I have arrived to the promised place
Full of life and happiness, everyone around me
And yet, my eyes are still searching for the one thing I desire


I can't believe it, it must be a lie, I think
But soon I face the harsh reality
I am too late, you are already gone
-the thought echoes in my head- but i search deeper in the temple

I'm sweating, the summer sun is merciless on me
In my rush, i forget about myself
All i can think of is


I see some friends nearby
Maybe they'll know where you went?
I walk closer, sweat still dripping from my forehead, my tongue dried up
I ask them, as if my life depends on the answer

"Where? Where are the Japanese Shaman Girls, Lintahlo???"


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