When i`m gone

by Jessy Rojnik   Jan 3, 2018

Do not cry for me when I am gone,
but for the ones who will miss me
I`ve been happy because of them
they gave me everything to live happy.
remember me for my laugh, because that smile was always caused by the one who meant everything to me.

remember my tears than for what I have fought for
what I have had to do to let go, for what i lost.
I have always loved the people I cared about.
I have lived many unforgettable times, they will revive in the depths of my soul.

know that I only had one love, and that's who I love at the moment.
know that if I fall away, I hope that I will never be forgotten, that I will never forget my existence.
Never forget the people, never the moments that meant everything to me.

let me arrive at the people who are already waiting, I want to see them again .. let me wait for the people who are coming.
I will always wait until everyone is with me, I will love them until the end of time.



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