Goodbye Again

by Skullyna   Jan 3, 2018

Goodbye Again
with suppressed love, by Skullyna

Hello again
Just checking to see how you're doing
I've been thinking alot
As my ink dried on the paper
The key is too fat
So now the door will not open
It is too early now
So I guess I'll see you later

Starburst, Starburst,
There are no metaphors
Just tears in the shape of of a planet
Starburst, Starburst,
There are no viruses
But hate dried itself with my memories of you

Goodbye again
I had a wonderful time crying
I've been reminded of all the
Times we have been trying
The slices on my neck
Have now been decorated with flowers
It is so late now
So I'll see you in the morning

Starburst, Starburst
The stars in my eyes
Have now been torn asunder
Sunburn, Sunburn
Your name echoes in my mind
So I have to close my eyes

Goodbye, goodbye
Are you still there
Because I sense a presense
Hello, hello
No it's not you
But my mind wishes so
I've got sunburns
The heat between us causes redness on my skin
I guess it's Starburst
The cosmos in my eyes...
Have now just said goodbye


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