by Professor Leskinen   Jan 13, 2018

What would you do if one day,
Everyone could make a wish and it'd come true?
Out of the infinite opportunities
Which would you choose?

Perhaps world peace? The end of world hunger? The climate change to be fixed? Or maybe, the end of all that is unfair? The cure for cancer? Or, the cures for all illnesses? The answers to the great mysteries of life, or the universe's? Knowledge to build machines helpful to mankind? Teleporters, flying cars, earthquake detectors? IQ raising googles? Lie detectors? Or, even, machines that detect crime? The ability to capture criminals yourself? And, to ensure they're punished according to the law, judge them yourself? But why stop there? Maybe gain the ability to kill those who kill? Resurrection powers? Wings? Become a hero? And, to ensure noone acts against the law, mind controlling powers? Maybe eternal life? Or, even, become God? Build a safe place for those dear to you? Perhaps, replace some bad, lazy humans with others, that work hard? But why stop there? Why not replace all humans with perfect beings? Without free will, they won't be able to do crimes, right? And why would they have to live in Earth? Why would they have to be human? Maybe start over? Why not destroy everything, and build a perfect world, with perfect beings? Why not rule over all?

Well, I'd wish that noone gets to wish for anything, but it's up to you


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